Hey, Mom, YOUR hair is pretty long….

Kaitlyn fell while roller skating last Thursday. She was upset. Surprised yet?

She wimpered for a few minutes on the way home, then went on to other thoughts. Or so I thought.

“Mom, can I not get my hair cut? I want it to get long and long and… hey, Mom, YOUR hair is pretty long…”

Here is where I was thinking she was going with this: “I want long hair like my mommy. Gosh, how I love, admire and want to emulate her!”

Here’s where she went with this: “So maybe YOU can take down YOUR hair and wrap it around my knee and hand and sing so your hair glows and my boo boos are healed!”

Yeah, she might have watched Tangled one time too many.

And when we tried it, it totally didn’t work.


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