Zoo Day!

On this beautiful 80-plus degree day in the middle of Spring Break, my friend Ashley and I thought to take our kids to the zoo.

So did 50% of the rest of the parents in the Greater Richmond area – the zoo was more packed than I had ever seen it!

But for the kids that largely just translated into one more species to examine – the common North American suburban homo sapian.

Kaitlyn seemed to most enjoy the prairie dogs and camels, and being big sister to the whole group.

Kourey’s favorite animal was whatever was in the next exhibit. That girl couldn’t stand still, except for lunch!

Our sweet friends, E and J, seemed to have a great time at the zoo, too. J was easily the cutest little monkey there, showing off how well he could grab things with his feet.

Little E took turns in the wagon with Kait and Kour, and told me her favorite animal was the tiger (but that was before we got to the bat house; that kid loved her some BATS!).

The crowds of the zoo didn’t really affect the kids, except when we got to the Budgie (aka Parakeet) enclosure. There had been so many people there all day, waving the zoo’s Budgie sticks (popsicle stick dipped in honey/peanut butter? then in bird seed), that the sticks we bought them at the gate were outright ignored. Other visits, whippping out a Budgie stick would make your outstretched popsicle stick the prime perch in the aviary. We saved our sticks for a less crowded trip.

Here are a few more pictures, in no particular order:


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