Daisy Awards

What do Girl Scouts and Junior Rangers have in common? Both earn patches, and Kourey wants to be part of both (even though she is too young for GS and most JR).

Last night Kaitlyn was awarded a few more patches for her activities with the Girl Scouts as a Daisy. Kaitlyn’s troop is fairly big – it has Cadets, Juniors, Brownies and Daisies all together for some activities, like Circle Time and Pledges. That means there were a lot of girls earning a lot of patches last night.

Kaitlyn will be adding all of the rest of the petals to her Daisy, and has finished the Journey patch. She also earned “fun patches”: a Sports Awareness patch with a fitness night the troop had; a Community Service patch for… I really don’t know which, because she did half of the Dunlop House Valentines by making Valentines for the residents, but didn’t get to go deliver them, and she either dropped off food drive bags but didn’t take them to the food bank or vice versa; and the 2011 World Thinking Day patch for making a dish (Caribbean Jerk Chicken) and trying food from all of the different countries represented at the World Thinking Day fair (and I really didn’t think she would earn this one, but apparently most countries had brought traditional cookies as one dish).

Kourey waved her three fingers up in the air with the girls saying the pledge, but Kaitlyn hasn’t taught her the Pledge or the Girl Scout Law yet. After the patches were awarded, the girls celebrated with cookies and juice.


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