Going Green

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That bread is green.

Last night was Ladies’ Night Out, and the March theme was Going Green (green like Kermit, not Gore).

Kourey helped me make lime jello magic mousse; Oreo made some mint filled cookies; Lipton made citrus Green Tea; and I was going to make guacamole. But it was not to be. The avocados went from perfectly ripe to over just in time for LNO. So what to make as a more savory treat? Green bread.

The recipe is my regular Honey White loaf, but in with the milk and water I added a little dollop of Wilton’s food coloring gel, color Kelley Green. The dough looked so much like PlayDoh that my children wanted to take it out of the pan and play with it. Baking browned the outside, but the inside stayed brilliantly green.

Ironically, Kourey, my little salad lover, wouldn’t eat the bread because it was green, while Kaitlyn, my picky-to-the-max (even more so than Daddy) girl, would have eaten a full pound loaf, if allowed.


One response to “Going Green

  1. I LOVE IT!

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