One Enchanted Evening

It was an evening fit for a princess.

First, Kaitlyn got the spa treatment at Salon Dohlchester. After a relaxing shower she had a nail technician give her a mani pedi with shiny fingers and red tipped toes; a personal valet help her get dressed in a swirly, glittery purple gown; and a stylist comb her hair and sculpt it into a soft do with a side braid.

Her escort for the evening was the king of the realm, who goes by the name “Daddy”. He dressed in the blue “handsome shirt” she picked out, accented with the “bow tie” that she was shocked to learn was the same one he wore for our wedding (and in case you don’t know, Keith doesn’t just wear a tie for his health or even for the boost to his devastatingly good looks; it was all for love).

They dined at a quiet little local restaurant, Cafe Dohlchester. After being seated by the hostess, their waitress brought them their goblets of drink (Pepsi for the king; milk for the princess), and then the meals they ordered of breaded chicken nuggets, tortilla chips and fritos for Kaitlyn and chicken strips and creamed corn for Keith. After a quick dessert of ginger cookies, the couple was ready for the ball… almost.

Daddy surprised his princess by tying on a wrist corsage to match her outfit, with purple and silver ribbons backing mini-carnations and baby’s breath. After a few pre-ball pictures, they were ready to go.

The king whisked the princess off in the Town & Country coach to the ball. Hours later the couple arrived back, with smiles, stories, and party favors. Kaitlyn was gripping the place cards from the table, along with her flower wand, circlet, and “glass” slipper. Keith carried in the door prize Kaitlyn won, with flowers and fairy statute and ribbons topping a foot in height. I am not sure exactly what it is supposed to be, but Kaitlyn loves it.

After a night of dancing, the princess dropped into a peaceful slumber nearly as soon as her head hit the pillow.

3 responses to “One Enchanted Evening

  1. =))
    i miss you all

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