Roller Girl

Today is more than just St. Patrick’s Day; it’s Kourey’s first day of roller skating lessons!

A local skating rink has skating lessons on Thursday mornings. For $5 we got skate rentals for both of us; free-skate, lesson and game time; a snack of Sprite and popcorn; and a prize (Kourey picked rubber spider).

An even bigger bonus was that the whole thing was a playdate for Kourey, with her friends Emily, Gabe and Kenton (plus 1/2 of Kenton’s siblings and Emily’s little brother).

The kids all did amazingly well! This being Kourey’s first time on skates my expectations were quite low. I mean, she started out about like I expected/feared: she stepped onto the rink, slipped, and fell. But that’s where it changed. She stood up. She kept going. She limboed, hokey-pokeyed, and “red light, green light”ed with the best of them. She fell several times, but always got herself right back up. My little roller girl is ready go back (this afternoon, if I would let her).

The whole way to the rink, however, she refused to grasp the concept of “roller skating” vs. “ice skating”. She talked non-stop about the ice and how cold it would be. Even when we got to the rink she looked over the wood floor and asked “so, Mommy, is the ice underneath that floor?”


3 responses to “Roller Girl

  1. it was so much fun! She did so good! mommy did too 🙂 We can use the 2 for 1 coupon next time and split the $5!!

    • Haha, Mommy was just glad to not rollerskate over a child or hurt herself. I am pretty sure your grandma is a better skater than me (of course, Mrs. Ouida is apparently a fantastic skater, so that’s not cutting my skating abilities as it should!).

  2. =))
    that is soo sweet and cute=)))

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