A Dream Job I Never Knew I Wanted

The library at Biltmore; there is a secret passage through and into the second story of the fireplace!It makes sense. I love books. I mean, I’m reading 200 of them this year. And growing up the first thing I did when I cleaned up my room was pull out all of my books and make sure they were ordered correctly. Alphabetically by author, then title for fiction; Dewey Decimal for non-fiction.

No, of course I didn’t know the Dewey Decimal numbering system well enough to number all of my books! That’s silly. I went to the library and looked them up (or closest approximation of where they would be) and used that DD# for the tags on their spines. I looked it up in the card catalog. Yeah, old school.

So I don’t know why I never aspired to be a librarian. Why didn’t I go to school for ILS? (And if I was granted a scholarship to go back to school tomorrow, MILS would battle seminary right now; not win, but battle nonetheless)

As of this week I am a librarian in our church library. No, this is not a paid position. It’s hardly even a volunteer position. I open the library for about a half hour on Wednesdays, and about an hour and a half on Sunday nights. But I just adore being in the library.

My dream home library would be a cross between the Biltmore House library and the one the Beast gave to Belle. The church library does not have a secret passageway fireplace, nor rolling ladders, but it does have dark wooden shelves full of surprisingly modern and unmusty novels, DVDs, biographies, non-fiction, not to mention a whole children’s section with some of my childhood favorite books. All of it is ringed around shiny tables and leather seated chairs. As the librarian, I have my own spot for stamping check-out cards, just next to the card catalog (where I rest my coffee cup).

Kaitlyn is no stranger to the public library, and thoroughly enjoys library day each week at school, but for some reason is extra-entranced by the church library, and the old-school checkout procedures. She is looking forward to me opening the library tonight so she can trade in her books for some new ones.

Speaking of books, my 200 Book Challenge is coming right on schedule (I wish I could say the same of all of the others). As of today I am 40 books in – 20% of my goal. Today is the 75th day of the year, which is 20.54% of the way through the year. I know where I can easily find another 160 books to read; the trick is finding the time!


4 responses to “A Dream Job I Never Knew I Wanted

  1. When I lived in Scotland, I had a temp job that was in an office that had been created out of the law library for the county court house. It had sliding ladders, and winding staircases, and stained glass windows. The books were all upstairs, and they had converted the downstairs to the offices. The books were all dusty, though. But it was absolutely beautiful!

    • Mandy, that sounds so cool! That’s one thing that is so cool about locales across the pond; far more truly old buildings. We’re too much of a baby nation, especially outside of the big cities of the northeast, to have those sorts of locations that can be changed to law offices on the bottom floor. Do you have any pictures?

  2. Yes, this is the perfect job for you…. but you know what would be even better… a seminary librarian… helping confused, overwhelmed seminary students find the resources they need, and getting to soak in all that goodness of the seminary library! That way you could do both degrees and get the best of both–ministry in the trenches–or stacks–so to speak! 😉

    • Well, that sounds just lovely. You know I would collect degrees like other people collect stamps, if I could. Although I would even more like to be a librarian at the International Mission Board Missionary Learning Center. But, like a seminary librarian, that is a job both too far away and too already filled for me to realistically do, even if I had the credentials.

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