Sweet Sunday Sisters (and a Sunday School funny)

The girls went with a navy and white color-coordination scheme this Sunday. I’m pretty sure Daddy orchestrated it. I mean, Kaitlyn picked out her dress, but Kourey was yelling “Spawkly! Spawkly! I want the dress with spawkly circles!”, and this dress does not fit that description.

When we picked up Kourey from Sunday School, her teachers had a story for us. The couple teaching the class is also in our Sunday School class, and have a son Kourey’s age. They were learning about the story of the Good Samaritan. While telling the story, trying to get a little interaction, Chris asked the kids who they thought sent the Good Samaritan. Crickets. The kids just looked at him. Chris gave them a hint, and poked his finger upwards. Kourey looked at him and questioned “Um, the MOON?” Jamie said when Kourey said that she wasn’t guessing the moon, she was questioning whether or not Chris and Jamie were completely nuts for suggesting the moon had sent the Samaritan.


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