I <3 the 80s

Saturday our friend Lydia turned thirty, and to celebrate she and her husband threw her own little mini-80s prom. It was so much fun! Our budget for costumes wasn’t really big, but I got these great shirts at  Goodwill. I looked like a neon Simon game. Keith’s shirt is an authentic vintage 1989 “I Survived Hugo” T-shirt. Some blue eyeshadow and pink blush, plus a side pony (and my sunglasses at night) finished up my outfit. Is it bad that both girls commented how beeeeeYOOOtiful my eye makeup was? Kaitlyn even wrote a note for me to find when I got home “You look pretty. Love for [sic] friend, Kaitlyn.”

The party had a Rubick’s cube chocolate-bacon cake, DJ blasting 80s tunes, Thriller dances, electric sliding. Outfits ranged from “basically 80s” to full-out Olivia Newton-John (electric blue spandex leggings with hot pink thong leotard and cropped sweatshirt), Joe Dirt (mullet, cutoff jean shorts and Metallica t-shirt), Top Gun, and 80s Madonna Barbie.

One non-80s highlight had to be my conversation with the security guard, though. I had stepped outside to cool off a bit, and ended up hearing how this man, before serving as a (volunteer?) security guard for this community’s clubhouse (1) was on the team that invented the GPS, (2) was the one person who found the solution that brought home the Apollo 13 astronauts and (3) was on a UFO and spoke with extra-terrestrials. He stopped short of saying he was abducted, though, and my friend Patty graciously extricated me from the conversation at this point.

Whichever way you slice it, it was a memorable evening. Happy birthday, Lydia Ruth!

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