When I Grow Up…

When I Grow UpKaitlyn’s class is finishing up their unit on Neighborhoods, and a part of that is talking about people/jobs in their community. (Cue the Sesame Street classic “Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood” right about here)

The unit project asked the kids to pick a job in their community they would like to do when they grow up and answer these questions (paraphrased): What job would you like to do? What will you need to learn to do this job? What tools will you need to do this job? What will be the hardest part about this job? What will be the best part about this job?

Kaitlyn originally picked “Medical Office Receptionist” (technically she said she wanted to work in a doctor’s office, I asked “Doctor or nurse?” and she said “no, the person who takes the money and gives you a sticker”), but changed her mind by “decision day” to Ballet Teacher.

Her “essay” (if you can’t read the kindergarden-ese to the left, read yesterday’s post for the text) was three sheets of looseleaf paper; frankly, she wanted to write more. Strike that. She wanted to SAY more; she dislikes writing the sentences she dictates.

A few pictures completed the front of her poster: a picture of her and her ballet teacher, a Wordle of French ballet terms, the all important ballet shoes, and a picture of “a tricky arabesque” (later two courtesy of my high school friend and fabulous ballerina Chrissie Hall).

The back had a few more pictures she wanted to bring in, mainly prints of Degas paintings. Are you shocked she loves Degas? Didn’t think so. We practiced her oral presentation, and pretended to be other students asking her questions. She’s good to go!


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