You Should See the Other Guy…

Coming out of the library on Friday, Kourey took a faceplant on the sidewalk. I saw her tip over like it was in slow motion, and knew right away it was not going to be good.

Warning: I’m about to spell it out. She fell on her hands and knees, but then tipped over and hit the pavement with her face, almost teeth first. I say almost teeth first because part of her lip hit first, but she bit that off. It was hanging by a thread, but I could tell it was mainly lip skin (which she has in abundance due to chronically chapped lips). I pulled it off. She was already wailing, and I had to see what I was working with.

Oh, by this point in our story we are back in the library bathroom, having left books and car keys next to the bloody spot on the pavement where she fell.

Cold water paper towel pressed up against the lip let me check it out – a definite chip to the front tooth, but a small chip. Lip split open, but didn’t look like stitches would be needed. Face (especially mouth) wounds being what they are, there was so much blood –  I mean, all over my shirt, her hair, her face; she looked kind of like Carrie.

She has a dentist appointment tomorrow morning to get the chip checked, and make sure none of her teeth are loose.

One she let me actually clean her up, wash the blood out of her hair, she looked a lot better. Don’t get me wrong; she still looks like she got into a fight with the pavement.  But you get the feeling that, as bad as she looks, she might have won the fight.

Oh, and as for my insensitivity of taking a picture of her in this state (as Kris said, “Geez, she looks like that’s her mug shot after getting arrested for fighting!”), she picked it. I asked her if she wanted a nap first or her “battle scar” picture first and she picked picture. She also showed me what she looked like when she was crying, but all as an act. By this point she wasn’t back to normal, but she wasn’t actively, continuously crying.


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