–so, I started this post two and a half months ago. Kaitlyn’s been six for a while. I guess I was going to add pictures. But I’m posting this now! (maybe pictures will come later, but my track record should make you understand that probably means they won’t)–

Six Ways Kaitlyn Celebrated Turning SIX!

  1. Promoted her birthday to waitress at seafood buffet in Myrtle Beach over Thanksgiving after hearing waitstaff sing to another patron.  It worked – she got serenaded and presented with a free piece of pie.  Of course, it was a buffet; she could have picked her own dessert.  But the singing and recognition is what she wanted.
  2. Went to Chuck E. Cheese with Mom, Kourey, and Auntie Kris.  Got twenty free tokens (which gets you a lot of rides on the giant rocking horse and roller coaster simulator), drank lemonade, and traded in tickets for purple glitter lip gloss.  Followed it with dinner at Don Pepe’s, because nothing says birthday like chips, salsa and quesadilla!
  3. Got surprised with a school lunch visit by Mom, Dad and Kourey.  Was excited by the Hello Kitty watch in surprise lunch Happy Meal, but eschewed chicken nuggets and chocolate milk for the “throw her off the scent” peanut butter sandwich and thermos of water.  Seriously?
  4. Shared Pumpkin Mini-Muffins with Almond Cream Cheese frosting with school chums.
  5. Mini-family partied with Dad, Mom, Kourey and Auntie with pizza and Ukrop’s cake.  Unwrapped presents from Auntie (including the highly prized Crayola crayon maker), Kourey (who was THRILLED with the puzzles she picked out for Kait), and Mommy and Daddy (who scored a total hit with the new MP3 player, already charged and loaded with her favorite music).
  6. Was guest of honor at a Birthday Tea Party complete with friends playing dress-up, jewelry making, take-home tea cups, peach tea and lemonade, tea trays of treats, and a cupcake tree topped with a glowing constellation of star candles.

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