L-L-Lots of Words

This is the backside of Kaitlyn’s homework last night. The front side was practicing on the letter L, and bless her heart she did the whole thing without even prompting, let alone help.

You know, the basics: writing capital Ls; writing lowercase Ls; come up with four words that start with L; and draw a picture of something that starts with L and write “This is a _____” (she drew a picture of her friend, Lindsay).

Going over her homework, we flipped over the page and Kaitlyn told me we couldn’t cut the cards out, it would cut up her homework. True, that. But I asked her to read me the L words.

In a way and cadence I guess they practice at school she started going through the page: “L-l-log! L-l-lemon! L-l-ladder!” She went on through the words until she came to the end of the second row: “L-l-(hesitant pause)(now back with conviction) CRAB!” I had to l-l-laugh a little before we could sound out the word.

Apart from the inherent humor, it reminded me of  an episode of Celebrity Jeopardy! that apparently only I and my brothers remember. Now, I am not talking about SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy!, but this alone shows how little liberties those skits started out taking.

One of the contestants was Jon Lovitz. One of the categories was “Starts with ‘O'”. One of the answers was something about sea creature with eight legs (so the question was very, very obviously “What is an octopus?”). Lovitz rings in, and with characteristic bravado posits “What is an O-crab?”

Ahh, if you were David or Stephen you would be laughing right now.


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