Kaitlyn’s First Research Project: Zebras

In case you can’t read it, the front of the project says “How I Learned About ZEBRAS!” “Books” “A zebra puzzle from Germany”. We checked out the books at the library; one was a little graphic (showed lions in the middle of a tasty zebra snack and told a little too much about where baby zebra comes from for my taste), so we skipped a few pages. The puzzle was actually a toy from inside a treat from Anja. How fortuitously timed!

The back of the project has other sources: “I went to the zoo” and “Zookeeper Liz”. We went to the Metro Richmond Zoo earlier this week and talked with a zookeeper about the zebras. Kaitlyn took pictures, and then we fed the giraffes. You can’t feed the zebras. We did find out one of the female zebras was pregnant. Kait is very excited to see the baby later this year.

When I mention Kaitlyn’s research project and essay I get double takes. But a kindergartener level of research is still research. And six sentences on the topic at this point counts as an essay. Not to mention she get’s to do an oral presentation to the class, and read her essay!

In case it is hard to read, here is her essay on zebras:


Zebras are from Africa.

Zebras live in groups called herds.

A zebra looks like a horse with black and white stripes.

Every zebra has different stripes.

Zebras eat grass and hay.

Baby zebras drink milk.

Lions eat zebras.


4 responses to “Kaitlyn’s First Research Project: Zebras

  1. Okay, Katherine. I had a dream about you guys last night. There were no Zebras, but two beautiful little girls, and we had a great time. I’ll have to tell you the whole dream in a less public forum.

  2. LOVE IT!!! Tante Suz is so proud of Kaitlyn! Especially the part about doing her own photography for the assignment! =)

  3. I learned that when zebra run together in herds it sounds like thunder.

  4. that is soo cute =)) and i love the puzzle haha
    miss you

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