The Zoo!

The Monday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (observed) we had a rare day with everyone off. No school. No church. No work. No Girl Scouts. That just cries out for a family outing!

As a family birthday present, my aunt gave us a pass to the Metro Richmond Zoo for the year. I love zoos. I really, really do. And this seemed like a good day to break in our passes.

At least it seemed like a good day from inside, where it was warm. The chill and the wind coupled with two kids totally amped up to be at the zoo made for the most whirlwind zoo trip ever.

Cold and bundled, we hustled from exhibit to exhibit. Most  of the animals made the wise decision to stay inside of their huts and houses. Those that were out, however, were much more fisky than I’ve ever seen. The frolicking tiger cubs, especially, were fantastic to watch (for the few seconds it took the kids to slow down, identify the tigers by name, type (“kitty!”), and sound (“rar!”) and book it to the next enclosure).

I’ve always loved going to the zoo, and growing up my dad would take rolls of film every time we went. I don’t know how many pictures of zebras one family needs. But I apparently am cut from the same cloth, and the advent of digital photography makes me even more dangerous. Whatever. It’s fun. (Speaking of, a few pictures not here are on my photo blog tracking my 100 Photo Challenge)

And my Kourey was even more rambunctious than the tiger cubs – and asked for photos more, too. She tiptoed up to catch a peacock (fail), stood still to try to lure a budgie to land on her (fail), and tried to jump as far as a kangaroo (fail). Kaitlyn when cold does more of a huddle and light mope.

One truly funny part of the afternoon was at the penguin enclosure. We checked times and planned to be back for the feeding. The girls were so excited. They love penguins. What I didn’t realize, but should have, was that Kourey thought she was getting into the enclosure to feed the penguins! She was quite disappointed, but enjoyed eating “fish like a penguin!” for snack. This means I gave her goldfish and she tried to swallow them without chewing. This did not work. She decided, at my prompting, to chew them a little, since she was only pretending to be a penguin.


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