How Did THAT Happen?

[The setting: booth at Don Pepe, Chester; Auntie and Kourey gone to the bathroom; Kaitlyn and Mommy still nibbling on chips and salsa.]

[No lead in; out of the blue]

Kaitlyn: Mom, when is Auntie going to get pregnant?

Mommy: [with slight panicked look in eye, quick calculation in mind, and prayer in her heart] Um, why? Not until she gets married, that’s for sure! Why?

K: Well, you got pregnant. Two times!

M: Right, yes, well, Daddy and I are married. We were married. THEN we got pregnant.

K: Well how did THAT happen?

[light laughter from booth on other side of wall bursts out at this point]

M: Um. What was the most fun thing that happened at school today?

K: Well, at calendar time Mrs. Miser….

M: *whew*


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