This Is How I Say “I Love You”

French ToastOne of my favorite bloggers wrote yesterday about Creating Your Own “Love Languages,” expanding on Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Languages”.

And he’s right, there are more than just five love languages. I know, because my love language is definitely Cooking. I show my love to others by cooking for them. Keith’s love tank is filled even quicker than his stomach by me cooking for him, which works well for us.

While I love to show others my love for them by filling their bellies, I also love for others to show their love for me by cooking. Not eating, perse – the cook at Friday’s is not showing love to me, no matter how delicious the fajitas are – but the actual cooking. Keith has started cooking for me one night a week and we have dinner after the kids go to bed. It’s fantastic, and every dinner is like a giant billboard that say “I love you!”

Not to brag, but Cooking is also a spiritual gift. I can and do use cooking as a ministry. My husband is a receiver and giver of the Cooking love language, and quite a good cook, but I would say his true spiritual gifts lie elsewhere. He uses his excellent cooking to tell me he loves me, not so much to witness or minister.

Alas and alac, I do not speak with fluency or frequency the dialect of this love language known as “Cooking Light”. My love is full-calorie, and so is my cooking. Why weaken Butter-love to Margarine-love? Why substitute Splenda-love for Sugar-love? And who wants to go on a love diet?

I have identified this love language in demonstrations and presentations before, and I always have at least one person come up after and tell me the combination (and usually percentages thereof) of “real” love languages and “real” spiritual gifts. Whatever. You can make the argument that English has its roots in Germanic and Romantic languages, but it is clearly its own language.

Yesterday, after reading Jon’s post, I decided to tell my family I loved them; I made them French Toast for lunch, with bacon, made from Apple Cinnamon Bread I made on Sunday.

And when Kourey said, “This is so delicious! Thank you, Mommy,” what I heard was “I love you, too.”



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