I Will Cheer for You!

Today my running shoes finally got to see the black of the road for the first time this year. Seeing me in running pants, technical shirt and headband earmuffs (because it’s cold, y’all), Kourey ran over to me and said:

“Mommy! Where are you going? Where are you running? Can I go, too?”

No, sorry, Mommy’s just going out but I’ll be back soon. Just a few minutes. Just a mile. Just me.

“But, Mommy, I will cheer for you.”

When it warms up, stays lighter longer, and isn’t raining, I’ll take her with me. Having a cheerleader always helps.

(PS – thanks to all of my running cheerleaders, whether you’ve run with me or cheered me/held me accountable online.  Ash, Maria, Kris and Lysandra especially!)


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