2nd Least Snowy Snow Day Ever

Aren’t snow days fun? Missing school for snowball fights, building snowmen, making snowcream; coming in with wet mittens and red cheeks for hot cocoa; these are the things memories are made of.

But rainy days are just rainy days.  And they’re worse when you’re promised a Snowpocolypse.

This is from right after Christmas. This is what the kids wanted today. This is what we were promised. This is NOT what it looks like here, now.

Today was the second least snowy snow day ever.  The least snowy snow day was when I was in about fifth grade.  There was such a furor over the pending snowy doom awaiting us (I think they were calling for 3 inches; North Carolina has weird snow issues) that they canceled school the afternoon before.  The weather forecast was 100% chance of snow the next day.  One hundred percent!  You don’t have to be the daughter of a math teacher to know that means you can turn off your alarm and get out the sled.

That snow day it did nothing.  Squat.  Not even rain.  I don’t even remember it being that cold.  Boo!

We’re used to questionable snow days.  Our school district is so large and spreads to the northwest so that they often have to call off school when a simple hour or so delay would work for us.  But today is just a wet, gray day.

I took the girls to The Playroom (aka “the bouncy place”) for a playdate today; luckily they actually look at local roads to make their decision to open.  On our way the girls excitedly asked if we could build a snowman when we got home.  “With WHAT?” I gestured outside of the window.

“Why do I have a snow day off of school, then” wondered Kaitlyn.

Good question, Kait.  Good question.

3 responses to “2nd Least Snowy Snow Day Ever

  1. I’m so glad someone else remembers the most ridiculous snow day of all time from the early 90s. I remember after that they refused to call off school until 5am the morning of even during the blizzard in high school that had us out for 2 weeks!

    • That snow day is very much still a joke in our family. Of course, during the one before, where they didn’t call off school and just had a 2 hour delay, and then the roads got worse so they let us out 3 hours early (just cycled us all through lunch and released us), my mom spun off the road into the onramp for Silas Creek Parkway, so I think they just kneejerked the other direction on preparedness.

  2. I remember the 5th Grade storm (1988?)… my friend came over to play and we “sled” down our steps in the house since there was NOTHING outside! Do you remember going to school on a Saturday in 1st Grade because we’d missed so many day? I remember watching Saturday Morning Cartoons–we were just at school instead of home. It was very “educational!”

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