You Need to Go On a Date

For the past few weeks, Kaitlyn has been talking about how Mommy and Daddy need to go on a date.

It started with her just asking, “When a re you and Dad going on a date?”, then she started asking questions about when we dated before we got married.  It moved on to her telling who her babysitter would be when we go on a date, and how excited she was for us to go out.  She planned her menu (frozen chicken nuggets) and activities while we were out (watching movies in her pjs).  And she was pretty sure Daddy would kiss me on the date, she confessed.  Because he loved me and we were going to get married.  Or we would get married except we already were married and married people can’t get married.

Then she started writing notes.  Kaitlyn is at that phase of reading and writing where she likes to write pages of words, usually not entirely in sentances.  She writes words she knows, words she sees, words she asks me how to spell.  So you might have a page that says “I we like love go to the a Kourey Wii Mario Galaxy 2 Nintendo Love Kaitlyn”.  Or, you might have a page that says “I love I love Mommy date Daddy.  Mommy go to date Daddy.  I love I love Kaitlyn.”  We have one of those.  It wasn’t a very subtle hint.

Well, why not?  The babysitter is free, even if dinner and a movie aren’t.  But we don’t splurge too much.  So we planned to (finally) go to see “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” and have dinner (with a break in the middle of our date for a special choir rehearsal I had to attend).  Kaitlyn approved.

At least, she approved until the day of the date.  We had not planned for something very important; what were we wearing?  Ummmm, this? (“This” was jeans and a sweatshirt (a nice, new sweatshirt and nice, dark, new jeans, at least) for Keith and jeans and a blouse (not a t-shirt, an actual blouse!) for me).  Kaitlyn was vexed, to say the least.  “Noooooo!  THAT’S not what you wear on a date!  Mommy, you need to wear a dress, and Daddy, you need to put on a handsome-shirt and a pretty bow tie!” (for the record, Keith does not own a bow tie.  I actually do, but it’s basically a clip on, from when I worked at the movie theater in college, and I’m not entirely sure where it is.  Suffice it to say, Keith was not planning on wearing that.)

Again, why not?  I put on a dress, and let Kaitlyn help me put on makeup (this consists of her asking me to put all of the makeup on her, and me pretending to put on some, with a little bit it actually making it on her face).  Keith retired the Penn State hoodie for a buttondown and a sweater vest.  We were a little overdressed for a matinee and Chili’s (not that matinees really exist anymore, but that’s neither here nor there), but we did look very nice, and Kaitlyn was satisfied.

Well, almost satisfied.  “Next time,” she told Keith, sternly, “you need to wear a pretty bow tie.”


2 responses to “You Need to Go On a Date

  1. What a hoot! So glad you finally made the date happen! Now to find that bow tie… And be sure to get a picture next time!

  2. I LOVE IT!

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