It’s My Day to Pray!

The other morning when I went to get Kaitlyn she was standing in her doorway doing a little dance.  “It’s my day to pray!  It’s my day to pray (hey!).  It’s my day to pray!  It’s my day to pray (hey!).”

When I was growing up, my mom used the Base Three system with us.  If you convert a number into base 3, you look at the number in the ones place.  If it was 1, it was my day.  Two, David.  Zero, Stephen.  So August 26th would be rendered 222, the ones place is 2, therefore it’s David’s day.  That is incredibly unfair, because it is my birthday, but there you have it.  For an easier way to figure it out, divide the date by three and look at the remainder (yeah, old school math).  Why, yes, my mother IS a math teacher!  Thanks for noticing!

Anyway, this system made sure you could not forget whose “day” it was.  Day for what?  You name it.  Want to sit shotgun?  Better hope it’s your day.  Mail needs getting?  Whose day is it?  And, of course, who is praying for dinner?

My children can pick a fight about anything.  Including praying.  I guess that makes them siblings, right?  We tried letting each child say the blessing for their own breakfast and lunch (since Kaitlyn was at school) and taking turn at dinner.  Who got to pray first before bed was just a freeforall of who called it.  But even with just two children it was really easy to forget who last prayed.  So we brought back the system.  It’s much easier with two kids – basically odd and even days.  Clearly, Kaitlyn gets odd because the 7 extra days of the year goes to the oldest.

It worked great.  So great, we started rolling other privileges and responsibilities into “the day”.  Since they can fight over anything, this can be the decider for anything.  Who gets to stand on the stepstool to look in the mirror while brushing their teeth first?  Who gets to walk first up and down the stairs?  Who gets to empty the dishwasher (that’s right, everything can be a treat when you tell them they get to do it because it’s “their day’)(at least for now)?

And being “your day”, well, that’s something worth dancing about.


One response to “It’s My Day to Pray!

  1. didnt know you had a blog! Where have I been?! oh thats right, mixed up in the middle of “modern medicine” haha!
    I am happy to have stumbled upon this, because I love you and your precious family 😀

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