Pretty Pink Peppermint Puffs

I made meringue puffs!  They were so easy and so good I made another batch the same day.  Keith loves them.  The kids love them.  I love them.  This recipe is a keeper.

Shiny pink puffs, ready for the oven. I used parchment paper the first time, but foil actually worked better for me.

I used per 1 egg white: 1/4 cup castor sugar and 1/16 tsp. each cream of tartar and salt.

For castor sugar, put 1 cup sugar in magic bullet, and pulse for about 30 seconds or so.

Let eggs come to room temp after separating.  Whip egg white to soft peaks, add half of sugar and cream of tartar and salt.  Continue whipping, add coloring if desired (I used a touch of red food coloring paste to give a light pink color).  Add the rest of the sugar and continue beating to stiff peaks.

Fill a pastry bag (or Pampered Chef’s Easy Accent Decorator or something like that if you want it to be SUPER easy) with a star tip.

This sprinkling of crushed soft peppermint sticks is all the flavoring I added, but you could add flavoring directly to the meringue.

Line pans with aluminum foil, then pipe or spoon onto foil, and sprinkle on a topping (if desired)(I used 2 soft peppermint sticks, beaten and chopped to a pepperminty-powder).  Put in a 225 F oven for about an hour, leaving door closed, then turn oven off and open oven but leave in to gradually bring them to room temp, or heat oven to 25o, put them in the oven, let it come back up to temp, then turn it off and leave them overnight.


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