Soundtrack of Our Lives

If you count “1-2-3” (without the no-nonsense do-this-by-the-count-of-three! inflection that often accompanies it) in our house, you are likely to have Kaitlyn or Kourey (or Daddy) reply “like a bird I sing”. The girls were singing the chorus to this while coloring this afternoon, which got me started thinking about some of our favorite family songs.

What Daddy and daughter could NOT love this song? And I love watching the three of them sing and dance and twirl to this song in the den.

This is a song our choir sings, and Kourey especially loves it. She even got to go to choir practice with me one week when we were doing a review rehearsal for Sunday – she was ecstatic! She sang along with all her little might, holding a choir book in front of her, and requested we sing it again. Mike agreed the choir could use another practice and we ran it again (not JUST for her, but in her mind we did).


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