Parent/Teacher Conference

Today was my first parent/teacher conference.  I can’t believe the first nine weeks are over!

When Kaitlyn first heard I was going to school to talk to her teacher she seemed a little worried.  I told her I was sure her teacher just wanted to tell me what a great student Kaitlyn was, and after that Kaitlyn was very excited for me to go to school.  I got to see the results of the PALS (Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening; fancy for “reading readiness”).  Kaitlyn scored right on par for the most part, but great on letter sounds (thanks, Aunt Jean!).  The spelling (yes, for 1st quarter kindergarten!) test was a little hilarious to see.  She had one letter down for each word, but got the s, l, and n first letters right for 3 words.  “Job” she wrote a g, which I think is a good guess, but I’m not sure why she thought Hug started with an e.

We’re so lucky Kaitlyn got such a great Kindergarten teacher.  Kaitlyn loves school and loves her teacher!


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