Happy Halloween!

On the left you have my beautiful flapper. She sometimes described the outfit as being a “flapper princess”. I tried to teach her the Charleston, and she did her own little version of it for the neighbors.

On the right you have my “gary, gary GHOST! (but don’t wowwy, I just pwetend!)” The costume started out with eyeholes, but by the next door neighbor I had torn it to a giant eyehole, and by the house after that I had opened it up to the facehole you see. I think it was cuter, anyway.

We trick-or-treated just around the one front loop of the neighborhood. The girls had a BLAST! They are at just the ages where trick-or-treating is the most fun. Keith and I prodded their memories to say “thank you” and “Happy Halloween!”, but they did a pretty good job of remembering on their own, and Kourey liked to tack on a “Happy Pumpkin!”, too.

At one house Kourey announced she loved the doggie. At the next house, where a sweet little old lady lives, Kourey finished her spiel with “I love you!” The lady seemed tickled. As we got to the end of the driveway Kaitlyn asked Kourey “why are you saying ‘I love you’? Are you going to say it to everyone?” “Uh-huh!,” Kourey affirmed, “I do say ‘I love you,’ because I just love people!” What a sweet girl!


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