Apples of Gold – Loving Your Husband

Crustless Apple Pie à la mode

Week Two of Apples of Gold had the theme “Loving Your Husband”.  In that vein, I made for the ladies a dinner of some of Keith’s favorite foods.  I started with the entree, my famous Smokehouse Brisket served with homemade BBQ sauce.  This is made using the crockpot as a smoker, with mesquite wood chips actually IN the crockpot.  Once I had that nailed down, I also had my theme for my dinner – Crockpots!  So everything I made, I did so in more than a dozen loaned crockpots.  Along with the brisket I served baked potatoes, green beans, and dinner rolls (the dinner rolls were from scratch, but I ended up not warming them in the crockpots, just because we were running out of outlets!).

This isn't from AOG, but this is my famous brisket

For dessert I converted my mother’s baked apples recipe – which Keith goes gaga for – for use in the crockpot.  We usually serve the baked apples as a side dish – like at Cracker Barrel – so I needed a way to “dessert” them up.  Luckily I am hooked on “Top Chef – Just Desserts” and asked myself “What would the Cheftestants do?”  I changed the name to “Crustless Apple Pie” and added an “a la mode” with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.  A sprinkling of cinnamon sugar added flavor and decoration, and at the last minute I whipped up some cinnamon-sugar pie crust points as a garnish.  It wouldn’t win Top Chef, but I was happy with it!

Thursday night’s group is also served an appetizer, since they eat dinner so late.  To stay with the dual themes of “things Keith loves” and “things I can cook in a crockpot” I settled on a brie recipe from my favorite crockpotting blog, Crockpot365.  It has apricot, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, rosemary and walnuts.  Yuuuummm!

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