Homemade Playdough!

Part of my “job” with Apples of Gold is a 45-minute kitchen demo related to what I’m cooking that week.  This week I am preparing a meal for the “Loving Your Husband” segment, and the menu is an Apricot Walnut Brie appetizer, Smokehouse Brisket with homemade BBQ sauce, baked potatoes, green beans, homemade rolls, and baked apples (aka Crustless Apple Pie) ala mode.  All favorites of my husband; all prepared for this meal in the CROCKPOT.

That’s right, crockpot.

So, for my demonstration I’ll be doing Crockpot 201 – Beyond the Basic Potroast.  Beyond basic foods, there are some non-food fun things you can do with a crockpot, and one of those is making playdough.  And so instead of just saying “and you can make playdough”, I wanted to HAVE playdough.  So I made some.

It was a simple recipe of flour, cornstarch, salt, cream of tartar, water, and a tiny touch of oil, cooked for just a half hour on low (it was supposed to take 2 hours; I’m still confused).  I then kneaded in some Flavor-Aid for some fresh and fruity smelling color.  I learned after the first ball that I should have wetted the powder first.  I learned after the second ball that that works better, but the powder was going to color more than the playdough. I finally got most of the color off today by washing my hands with toothpaste.  (Yes, toothpaste)

The girls were thrilled with the influx of new playdough, loved helping me make it, and Kaitlyn and I loved playing with it this morning before school.  Yay for crockpots!


My lemonade snowman

Kaitlyn's grape snowman




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