Our Second Field Hockey Season

Last year Anja introduced us (and herself) to the world of field hockey.  Kaitlyn was so taken that she wanted to join her school’s field hockey team.  And while there is no school field hockey team, we did find a “Little Sticks” league for 5-8 year-olds in the county.  And today was her first day!

By the end of practice and the scrimmage Kaitlyn was fully in love with field hockey.  She told Auntie Kris “I want a field hockey stick cake for my birthday!!”


One response to “Our Second Field Hockey Season

  1. Dear Katherine and Keith,
    dear Kaitlyn and Kourey,

    this are so nice pictures of Kaitlyn in her new sport dress. Anja is very proud about her “little sister”, she does the same as Anja could play at her exchange-year.
    I hope she has lot of fun with all the other kids.

    Love Angela

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