First Day of Kindergarten!

"And they have computers! That I can use! Like mine!"

Rocking the "back to school" outfit; ready to roll.

She’s off to Kindergarten.  Wow.

I started this post at 8:30 Tuesday morning after seeing Kaitlyn off on the bus, but somehow it got set aside.  Now we’re already done with the first week of Kindergarten – I can hardly believe it!

The first day went great.  She picked out her outfit the night before – it had to be a skirt (well, she would have preferred a dress) for a big day like the first day of school, and this new outfit from Nana fit closer to what I thought she needed for PE day!  Clearly, she thought she looked good, too.  Check out that posing.

Once she was awake, she could barely wait to run to the bus stop.

Lunch? Check. Backpack? Check. "Can we go to the bus yet, please?!"

She barely paused for breakfast, she bounced through hair brushing, and the only thing that slowed her down was our morning devotion.  We read Philippians 4:13 and  I marked the verse in her little green New Testament with a PostIt flag.  She can’t actually read read it, yet, but she loves “reading” her Bible and when she sees that flag she remembers that she “can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens [her].”

At the bus stop Kaitlyn made fast friends with two little girls going into first and second grade, and by the time the bus driver threw open the door to the bus she didn’t even look back until I called out (I wanted a picture… it didn’t turn out too well).

She didn't even plan on looking back; she's been waiting for this moment for years.

When the bus delivered her back to me (with Kourey bouncing impatiently on my shoulders) seven hours later, she catapulted off the bus into my arms overflowing with excitement from her first day.  Over the course of the night I heard about her awesome teacher, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, Abigail who sits at her table and has a kitten, drawing in her journal, sitting on the carpet, riding on the bus with her new best friend Amber, and a plethora of other exciting happenings.

At the tail end of the day, as we were picking out clothes for the next day just before tucking in, Kaitlyn launched onto her bed and pillow and kicked her feet with excitement as she exclaimed “I’m so excited to go to Kindergarten again tomorrow!”  It warms a mom’s heart!  May she always keep that zeal for learning.


2 responses to “First Day of Kindergarten!

  1. So how is Kindergarten going? I look forward to updates soon! Miss y’all!! =)

  2. Hi Kaitlyn,
    it’s nice you like your kindergarten and feel good to be there. I think you’ll have fun with all the other kids and gain lot of interesting experiences.
    Now I’m working at the kindergarten in Germany and our kids are very inquisitive an interested like you. Have much fun.


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