Kid’s don’t always get your humor…

These are not the cake balls Melody made me, but hers are every bit as pretty, and tasty like you would not believe!

Today my friend Melody brought be a beautiful box of her delectable Cake Balls.  This is one part because it was my birthday this week, and one bigger part simply because Melody is awesome.

I’ll be honest.  I don’t want to share them.  When Keith found out they may have cream cheese in them, he didn’t want to share them with me, so that’s one down, but there are still two small ones to contend with… how do I keep them all to myself without appearing greedy? I just won’t say anything; maybe they won’t notice.

Not a chance!  Kaitlyn stopped mid-sentence in the ride home Sunday School debriefing to say, “Hey, Mom, what’s that by your Bible?  In that box?  Can I see?  What is it?  Can I have some?  What is it?”

Kourey chimed in with “Me some, me some, me some!”

Keith tried to look out for me.  He gets me.  He said, “Those… those are poison balls.”

Didn’t work.

Kourey went straight to “Mmmmmmmm, I love poison balls!  Momma, you share your poison balls with me and KayKay, and we share with you, OK?”

You really have to watch what you say!


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