County Fair 2010

This is what we call a teaser…

Tonight we decided to go on down to the County Fair.  Rides are ridiculous, so we figured we would hold out for the State Fair next month, but that we could check out the exhibition hall, pet some exotic animals, see the circus act and chainsaw artist, and maybe get a fried candy bar for Keith or a funnel cake.  And, you know, while we were there anyway, check out the Arts & Crafts hall and see how/if Kaitlyn placed.

First up was the exhibition hall.  The only two things of note were the County Sheriff’s booth and the Centralia Pres. booth.  At the sheriff’s booth Kaitlyn chose a temporary tattoo to Kourey’s

more traditional plastic badge.  A little water from the water bottle did the trick, and her first tattoo looks great.  I didn’t even have to tell her to look tough for the picture, she just assumed the attitude with her superbad tattoo 😉

Kait and Kour with their balloon flower and sword

Centralia Pres. Church was giving away, among other things, balloon “animals” – Kourey got a sword and Kaitlyn got a flower, and both were thrilled.  Kaitlyn also accepted a little green Bible – you know the type: New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs from the Gideons.  We initially tried to not take it – we have so many Bibles; let this one go to someone who needed it.  But even though Kaitlyn has children’s Bibles and keepsake Bibles and Bibles she doesn’t even know about yet, this little Bible touched her heart and she “read” it the rest of the night.  I read the 23 Psalm from its KJV pages to her before bed, and she smiled happily and said “I have my own of God’s Holy Word”.  The rest of our conversation is for some other post.  OK, clearly we weren’t supposed to leave the Bible for someone who needed it; she needed it.

After the Arts & Crafts hall we watched the chainsaw artist for a while (until Kourey covered her ears and started screaming), diverted the kids from the rides (it would have been $7.50 for both kids to ride the CAROUSEL… $10.25 if one adult rode with both of them.  Seriously.  No.), and then found there was one ride we could finance… the barrel train!

Both kids had been asking to ride it all night, but I tried to discourage the attention.  As we were passing by the tractor driver pointed to Kaitlyn and said, “Hey!  Do YOU want to ride the train?”  Kaitlyn was saying yes, Kourey was trying to escape the stroller to join her, as I asked “well, how much is it?”  Free.  Yeah, that’s in our price range.  The kids had a BLAST, and even took the driver up on another ride before we left.  We also went on the Hay Ride as a family (same price), after checking out the African animal petting zoo.

After playing in the Children’s Tent (Corn box!  Tractor tricycles!  Fake cow!) and introducing the children (and Kris) to cinnamon sugar elephant ears (which are VERY different from funnel cakes!), we headed home.  It was 2-1/2 hours past the kids’ bedtime, and they were very ready for bed!

What?  I forgot something?  I skipped over the Arts & Crafts Hall?  Hmm, so I did.

Well, first we spotted Kaitlyn’s collage.  That’s it above her head with a red second place ribbon on it.  Way to go, Kaitlyn!  Kaitlyn reminded us “even if there is no ribbon, Mommy thinks it is good and loves me and is proud of me.”  I’m glad she was listening!

I tried to look at the other children’s exhibits like when you try to not open your Christmas stocking the second you get up on Christmas morning.  That lasted about 30 seconds as everyone was excited to see Kaitlyn’s photo.  It wasn’t hard to find.

That’s right, first place for Landscapes – Color (juuuust visible behind the left corner) and a big purple ribbon to show that she won Best In Show for ALL Junior Photography.  Let’s be clear, she wasn’t up against a few pieces from other 3-5 year-olds, this was the Best in Show for all photos submitted by anyone 17 or younger at the fair.  Wow!  I thought she could hold her own, but this was beyond my expectations.  Way to go, Kaitlyn!!


One response to “County Fair 2010

  1. WOW, Kaitlyn! WAY TO GO!!!! That’s awesome!! I’m super impressed!

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