Getting Ready for the Fair!

Today Kaitlyn took her photography to the next level – she entered it in the fair.  The Chesterfield County Fair only has two photography age divisions – “17 and Under” and “18 and Over”, but I think her awesome shot from the Grand Tetons, Wyoming (pic on the left) can stand on its own.  She also entered a collage she made.  She used pictures from her camera (all but two by her; those two had her in them) which she trimmed down as she liked and glued onto a map of Wyoming.  The map framed nicely to a 16×20 collage, and no matter how it places in the fair we are so proud of her and know the collage will look great in her room to remind her of our trip.


One response to “Getting Ready for the Fair!

  1. I’m so proud of you Kaitlyn!!! You get your photography skills after your Tante (among others in your family!)! You’re already a winner in my book! I look forward to photos of your photos at the Fair! LOVE YOU!!!

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