How Many Days Until Kindergarten??

Every day, the same question… “Mom, how many days until I get to go to Kindergarten?”

So, Afternoon Craft Time got practical. I folded five sheets of computer paper into 4 strips each, numbered them from 1 to 20, and gave a sheet to each person to decorate as they saw fit. Daddy, Kaitlyn, Kourey and I all decorated a sheet (Daddy was having so much fun he did the extra sheet).

Then Kaitlyn got her new “just like school!” pair of scissors and cut the strips (Daddy cut his own sheets). She sorted all of the strips and put them in order. A little help was needed with the stapler, but Kaitlyn soon had a full ring string ready to count down the days until Kindergarten.

Each morning we take of the end ring, and Kaitlyn counts the remaining ones. In case she forgets (or miscounts), the last ring has the number of days left.

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