Back-to-School Shopping

I love Back-to-School shopping.  Every year I love going to the stores and picking out pens and notebooks and markers and crayons and all that jazz.  The prices are great!  The selection is right there!  You can get a gross of pens for $1.20!  You can get 100 notebooks for $5! You can see why Keith is not as big of a fan of Back-to-School shopping time.

Side story:  a few years ago I came home amazed at the five-cent notebooks being offered at Wal*Mart.  I told my sister-in-law, “You can get 100 notebooks for $5!”  She wondered, “Why would anyone need 100 notebooks?”  I started to tell her the wonders of notebooks, but figured the question was rhetorical and refrained.  I told my husband, “You can get 100 notebooks for $5!”  HE asked, “Where did you put the 100 notebooks?”  He so gets me!  And for the record, I showed amazing restraint and only bought 20 notebooks.  And then 10 more.

This year, I actually had a valid reason for school shopping – Kaitlyn is starting Kindergarten!  And to aid me in my quest through the aisles of glory and bounty, the school provided an incredibly detailed list of items Kaitlyn would need for a successful 1st year.  See her holding it in that top picture?  And then with the proscribed items to the right?  She claims her favorite is the paint set, but she won’t use the same paint set at home, shunning them for a set of 18 acrylics she prefers.

With this list I could get JUST the four boxes of crayons, six bottles of glue, two boxes of markers, five composition books, two plastic folders, Fiskars scissors, plastic school box, watercolor paint set, and dry erase markers requested, leaving the rest of the beautiful school supplies for others.  (Except the 10 cent pens)(and a few extra boxes of crayons – a QUARTER for CRAYOLA, which are unarguably the best crayons and we color a lot)(and some other stuff)(but no notebooks).

Kaitlyn’s two favorite parts were when I let her scan her items at Wal*Mart, and when I let her pick a treat at the end of the excursion.  I expected candy or cookies; she saw the Good Humor case.  It’s all good… it’s back-to-school time!


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