What Kaitlyn was up to at VBS

VBS got kinda lost in the fray, what with us being gone until the day before it started, and leaving less than 12 hours after it ended for another two week stint of vacationing.

But Kaitlyn had an amazing week! She loved being with her friends, and came home singing songs, reciting Bible verses, and telling us about the life of Joseph all week.

Friday night was the ending celebration, and it was a lot of fun to see Kaitlyn and all of the children and youth helpers (and adult helpers, for that matter) singing and dancing to the VBS songs (which are all on Kaitlyn’s MP3 player now, as she won a copy of the VBS soundtrack on Friday). Kourey did meet with an unfortunately hard bit of floor to the face, resulting in a bloody lip that scabbed over and looked awesome in all of the vacation pictures (it really didn’t seem to bother her once I got it cleaned up, but my oh my did it look terrible!).

A very touching thing to see was Kaitlyn’s class’ Pyramid of God’s Works (in the younger groups it really devolved into “what we are thankful for”). It wasn’t just what she put, but that she wrote it all by herself. We’re all thankful for Anja, and miss her so much!


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