Super Vacay – Days 15 and 16

There are no pictures. We haven’t taken a single one. And that rarely happens on a day at home, let alone a day that is supposedly part of a vacation.

But the last two days of this Super Vacay are “Truckin’ It” days. There are no Corn Palaces or Wall Drugs or National Monuments right off the road once you leave South Dakota, and that’s still a loooong way from home. We did accidently stop at what touts itself as the “World’s Largest Truckstop”. They even have a penny press to commemorate this claim; Kris got one. I learned that we can officially put “non-drowsy” Dramamine (or at least the Walgreens version) into the categories of “false claims” and also “sedative”, and that it should under no circumstances be taken before driving, and that when I pass out on it I apparently don’t move or appear to breathe (which is why I briefly woke to my concerned husband and SIL checking my vitals). “Scooby Doo 2” never loses its funny (seriously). Boston Market is nearly as awesome as I remembered it, and worth TomToming a route to three hours in advance (but only 10 minutes off our path); we need one in Richmond. Whoever provided us Bojangles should get on that.

Something like nine hours of driving await us today – ten to home! Now to wake up these kids and get truckin’.


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