Super Vacay – Day ???

Not only am I not sure what day of vacation this is, I’m not sure what day of the week it is. I’m pretty sure it’s August 5, because that’s what all of the passport stamps at the National Parks Service sites we’ve been to today (that would be three) said so.

We are officially on our way back. Today we started in Montana, but I don’t remember exactly where. We went to Little Bighorn, the site of Custer’s Last Stand, before lunch, and Kaitlyn earned her first Jr. Ranger of the day. Keith was the most interested in this site, I think. Lunch was at the rather nice welcome center to Wyoming, where the girls ran crazy on the playground while I fixed lunch. A few more hours of driving brought us to Devils’ Tower National Monument. After a bit there we kept pressing eastward toward Keystone, SD where we ended the day (after a dinner at Taco Bell to the kids’ delight and my chagrin) with the illumination of Mt. Rushmore. What a full day!

Tomorrow we continue on home… but are making stops for Wall Drug (free ice water, anyone?) and Corn Palace. Yes, I’m serious.


One response to “Super Vacay – Day ???

  1. Hope you guys are enjoying your stay in South Dakota. Safe travels!

    SD Office of Tourism

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