Super Vacay – Day 8

Our last day in Yellowstone.

We ruled out the 5 mile hike planned, and hit the highlights of Old Faithful and White Dome Geyser, plus Firehole Falls Drive was finally open. Both geysers were wonky – O.F. went off 10 minutes late one time, then half an hour early next! W.D. is supposed to go off every 12-24 minutes…. it took an HOUR! (But is awesome). An early day back to camp meant time to pack up some and get ready for dinner at Bullwinkle’s and the rodeo! Kaitlyn and Kourey both loved the rodeo – and both won a dollar coin participating in the 8 and under calf scramble!

Tomorrow to Glacier NP!


One response to “Super Vacay – Day 8

  1. aha! A calf scramble! We went to a “cowboy” steakhouse (for the Embassy folks) and I was telling Andy and Alex that your girls got to see REAL cowboys! And that they got a coin and I’ll I could think of was bull riding! yeah. I’ve never seen a real cowboy. Love you guys!!!

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