Super Vacay – Day 7

Can you believe it’s been a week? I can’t.

Today was the Mammoth Hot Springs area of Yellowstone. Where is the cold weather? It was up to 90, and blisteringly sunny. We took the kids to a bar in Montana (for lunch… they are all bars across the park line). Kourey reprised her chorus of “Stiiiiinnnnnkkkkkyyyyy!” at any geothermal spot. Kaitlyn actually allowed herself to be photographed! We branched out on camp cooking and had an awesome teriyaki flank steak and Ceaser salad dinner. Kaitlyn fell in love with s’mores, and more in love with toasted marshmallows, and Kourey stuck to apple juice and plain Hershey bar. Kris and Kat made a campfire sundae that was awesome (banana, chocolate, marshmallow, crushed graham cracker; wrapped in foil, cooked over fire, licked from foil when done…); Keith stuck to marshmallows and s’mores.

Tomorrow back to some high spots on our last Yellowstone day, and then to the West Yellowstone rodeo!

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