Super Vacay – Day 5

Still no pictures, or else there would probably be a picture of the family in front of Mystic Falls, or of Kaitlyn with (close to) an elk.

Our first full Yellowstone day! We saw an awesome geyser eruption – not Old Faithful, though we did see that, but the less-lauded Great White Dome Geyser tops our list. Kaitlyn filled her first memory card of the trip… time to download! Auntie Kris fell down (but not off) a mountain with Kourey on our hike to Mystic Falls. We saw elk, moose, bison, chipmunks, white pelicans, geese, gorgeous blue dragonflies,and a snake (though not as many animals as last June when herds of bison blocked streets and nearly stuck their heads in the car. Kourey slept through the first half of the Natural Bridge hike, then woke up and walked the whole mile and a half back on her own!

Tomorrow to the Grand Canyon (of Yellowstone, that is).


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