Super Vacay – Day 4

Why no picture? The KOA internet exists, but it is soooo slooowwww. They’ll come, just not today.

Day four had us trekking from our hotel in Jackson through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, to our campground. Not too far in miles, but a whole day experience.

In Jackson we took the requisite photos with the antler arches, checked out a few shops, and bought some t-shirts and hats. On to the Tetons, home of what has got to be some of the most beautiful mountains that exist. The latter part of the day had us going though Yellowstone, with stops at Moose Falls, Lewis Falls, and a random bison. We asked the KOA folks for recommendations for dinner: “Somewhere good. We don’t mind paying some for good food, we just don’t want tourist trap food.” The recommendation was Wild West Pizzeria, so long as we “don’t get the spaghetti. Don’t get anything but the pizza. If you think something looks good on the menu, don’t get it unless it’s pizza”. So pizza it was, and with this crowd the bar is set high, but Wild West Pizzeria cleared it.

Tomorrow on to the lower loop of Yellowstone! Old Faithful and lots of bison.


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