Birthdays Start with Chuck E. Cheese!

Birthday hug from Chuck E.

"What do you say instead of 'Cheese!' in Germany?" "'Cheese!'" "Oh, okay"

I think this was Anja's favorite "game" - feeding the tickets into the machine to find out how many she had to spend!

Auntie Kris’ birthday is this Saturday, and today marked the beginning of celebrations. As Keith was working, we loaded up the car with the girls and trekked up to Chuck E. Cheese. Anja has been here 9-1/2 months, but has missed out on all of the Chuck E.

trips. Today was her initiation.

In honor of Auntie’s birthday (and no other reason whatsover, I am sure), Chuck E. himself was roaming the games, just looking for someone to take a picture with. Kait and Kour said ‘no way’, but Auntie and Anja posed for the camera.

And then there were games. We have not had to buy tokens in a long time, and still had a cup very full when we arrived. We have six tokens left. That’s a lot of games. But a lot of fun was had, from picture sketching to train controlling to ride riding to basketball matches to pinball to “ID card making” to doggie feeding… and so many more.

Anja’s goal was to get 150 tickets for cotton candy; Auntie’s was 60 tickets for a Troy High School Musical notepad. My goal was to end up with no junk in my car. Two out of three isn’t bad.

The birthdaypalooza continues with a birthday cookout on Saturday! Happy (almost) birthday, Auntie!


One response to “Birthdays Start with Chuck E. Cheese!

  1. Angela Skubski

    Hi Katherine, Kris, and kids,

    everybody looks so happy and amused. That must have been a very funny day and exkursion.

    ohoh, I think Anja forgot the german word for cheese, she has to get lessons in German language ;-).

    Have more fun the next weeks.

    kind regards Angela

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