Ultimate Frisbee, Buffalo-style

A few weeks ago Anja went on her second away-match with the LC Bird Ultimate Frisbee teams.  Last time they were in Washington DC; this time they were in Buffalo, NY!  Both teams played well, and the girls’ team came in fifth overall (which is good).  While they were there, the kids got a chance to go briefly to Niagara Falls.  “It wasn’t as big as I thought,” Anja commented.  All in all I think she had a great trip, and I am glad she’s had such a fun way to get involved at school, play sport, AND get to travel while she is here 🙂


2 responses to “Ultimate Frisbee, Buffalo-style

  1. Angela Skubski

    This team seamed to have lot of fun together and they were successful, too.
    Sport is the best way to get friends.

    Thanks for all the chance, Anja could participate.

    Greats from

    • We’re so glad Anja was such a sporty girl, because it IS such a good way to meet people and make friends. And have fun! Kaitlyn wants to be just like Anja, and play field hockey, run track, and join the frisbee team. Unfortunately, Kindergarten doesn’t have any of those sports. 🙂

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