Sunny Days…

Look at how excited they are!  They helped me make this poster – Kaitlyn colored the Sesame Street gang on the left, and Kourey helped color the elmo on the right.  They each glued their own color creation.  And who wouldn’t be excited?  Can you read the sign?  “Auntie is taking us to see ELMO”

But you aren’t seeing the whole picture.See, the whole poster says “Auntie is taking us to see ELMO (But we don’t know because we can’t read this sign!)”  That’s right, they had NO IDEA.

Kris bought the tickets weeks ago, and this week we told the kids there was going to be a surprise.  Kaitlyn was convinced Auntie was going to buy her a bike.  Why?  Who knows.

But they didn’t find out WHAT was going on until after this picture:Look at how excited they are.  And they still don’t know.  They haven’t been to the Landmark Theater before; they don’t recognize it.  They can’t read the marquee any more than they can the sign.  And we’ve walked them away from playbills and excited children.

Just after this picture was taken I finally read them the sign.  Kourey started jumping up and down by the time I got to “Elmo”, and Kaitlyn’s mouth dropped open and when I finished she exclaimed “WHAT?!”

It finally makes sense to Kourey why Mommy didn't make her change her shirt, even after she got macaroni on it.

They loved the show – everything about it.  They loved handing their tickets to the usher.  They loved passing the fountain in the lobby and seeing the displays of merchandise (they also wanted all of the merchandise… NOT going to happen).  They loved climbing up and up to our seats in the grand tier (actually, not that high up… but when your legs are 18 inches long it is a hike).  They loved being greeted and shown to their seats by the flashlight wielding usher.  They loved the bucket of popcorn Auntie bought (especially Kaitlyn, who ate most of the bucket herself).

And all of that was before the show even started.

In an Elmo/Abby/Zoe dominated Sesame Street world, “Old School”ers will be happy to know that the whole host of characters were there – Grover, Big Bird, Prairie Dawn, the honkers, Oscar, Bert and Ernie.  As each one came on stage my kids jumped up and down again.  When Elmo came out Kourey started calling “Elmo!  Elmo!”; not cheering, but trying to get him to answer.

Kaitlyn commented “Elmo isn’t as big as Daddy.”  Well, not from the balcony!

Especially in the first act Kourey was trying to copy the choreography of the dancing.  By act two she was getting tired, but Kaitlyn took over as head dancer… hey, the popcorn bucket was empty.

All in all, it was a great night.  Thank you, Auntie Kris!


2 responses to “Sunny Days…

  1. I would join in their excitement if I was there… getting to see Big Bird and gang… (And Elmo too, though I’m Old School…) WOW! Was Mr. Schnuffelupagus (sp?) there, Cause I would see him in person! What a memory they won’t forget for quite a while! Too Cool!

    • No Mr. Snuffleupagus (this wasn’t a *huge* budget show, and that costume would be hard to dance in!), but I was def. feeling the Sesame love with the old-school theme song and songs like “Ladybug Picnic” and “I Love Trash”.

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