DC Daytrip

The first trip to DC for all three of our girls!

Last week we took a daytrip up to Washington DC for some Capitol Sightseeing.  The weather was gorgeous, albeit a bit hot, and we strolled the Mall for hours.

Our day started with a bit of a snafu involving “planned” work on our Metro line.  Oops!  But we made it to the heart of the city, and had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe.

From there we went up a few blocks to the Mall, passing scores of street vendors and long lines at security checks for the Smithsonian.

Before we even left the house Kaitlyn already had her Junior Ranger book ready to go, which we worked on while waiting on the Metro, at lunch, and at the ranger station at the base of the Washington Monument (where Mommy got the day’s stamps for the National Parks Passport, too).  After that we just enjoyed the sights as we came to them.

All three of the girls really enjoyed the World War II monument.  Anja was interested in seeing it for its own sake; Kaitlyn and Kourey were interested in dipping their feet in the cool pool waters (oh, Anja enjoyed that, too!).

After making our way to the Lincoln Memorial end of the Mall, we decided we could either walk up for a closer view of the White House, or visit one of the Smithsonian museums.  Anja voted White House, so we took a path leading us past the Vietnam Memorial and the Constitution Gardens, to a sidewalk with views of the White House and lawn.  Now, from the distance we were you couldn’t tell *who* was on the second floor balcony, but there were obviously people out there.  So while Anja can’t say she definitely saw a member of the First Family, she harbors suspicions that she did 🙂  A few blocks away we found a lifesized cutout of President Obama outside of a souvenir shop, and the picture of them together is one for the photo album.

At that point the heat and sun drove us into a McDonalds for ice cream, and then back to our van for the return voyage.

God Bless America!


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