Oh, Shenandoah, I long to hear you/Away, you rolling river

Wednesday was a very rare day indeed. For starters, Keith was off. That’s not too odd (though not often enough, but we’re blessed he has a job to be off to!), but what’s more, we were ALL off. No school. No church. No meetings, playdates, nada.

(Of course, while school was out Anja was not able to come since she was in Kentucky with the church youth group on a Spring Break mission trip.)

So we decided to put our National Park Pass to use, and head up to Shenandoah National Park for a picnic and a hike.

Keith picked a three-mile hike with a 890′ descent (and then, of course, 890′ ascent on the way back out). Kaitlyn did the whole hike herself, and Kourey hiked nearly the entire way down! What troopers! Mommy was dragging on the way back out, though, and it is decided that we seriously underestimated how much water to bring, and how much shade would be afforded. Seriously, this 3 mile hike kicked my butt so much more than the 10K I did a few weeks ago.

At the bottom of the hike was a set of waterfalls – beautiful, musical, and totally worth it.

Kaitlyn’s only regret for the day is that we didn’t get to do a Junior Ranger activity set and get her Shenandoah badge and patch for her collection. I guess we’ll have to come back soon!


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