First Spring Track Meet! (Last Spring Track Meet?)

Today was Anja’s first track meet as part of the the Track & Field team. In case you’re confused, all the rest were for the Indoor Track & Field team (though only Regional and Sectionals were indoor).

Anja has a broad talent, and was on the roster for several field jumps, as well as personal sprints and team relays.

Unfortunately, halfway through the meet Anja pulled a muscle in her thigh! It was so hard to watch her in pain on the track 😦 She’s icing it now, and we’re hoping to get to a sports MD before Easter break.  She pulled the same muscle three years ago, and said it had her out of sport for about two months.

Kaitlyn and Kourey loved seeing their big sister compete, and also got to cheer for their friends’ big brother as he had his first track meet ever. He was technically on the “other team”, but we were proud of Ryan in his first meet, first race, and first mile! Way to go, Ryan!

2 responses to “First Spring Track Meet! (Last Spring Track Meet?)

  1. How’s Anja feeling? I hope her leg is better?!?! AGHH, you can’t post this and then leave us hanging!! I look forward to more updates soon! (And photos of your bulbs too!)

    Love y’all!

  2. hey
    im fine now=) i can walk normal again and i gonna see how it will be in a week maybe i gonna start with just jogging….
    Thank you=))
    love ya

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