My Family

Lately my dad and I have been working on some family genealogy research.  My mom and her brother have been tracing her side of the family for years, so since the dawn of time I could tell you that my great^?-uncle was Richard Caswell, the first non-royal governor of North Carolina (we descend from his brother, Benjamin).

But until recently I didn’t know much about my dad’s side of the family, besides the fact that I apparently had uncles with names like “Big Boy” and “Flat” (that’s ok… my mom’s family has my aunts “Wutch” and “Whee-Shug”).  But dad and I found were able to trace the family all the way back to my great^14-grandfather arrived on the first supply ship to the Jamestowne settlement in 1608 as a perfumer.  Cool, huh?

This picture is not from then, clearly.  It is a family picture from c. 1931.  From the best I can tell from accompanying info, my grandfather is the one all the way to the right on the middle row.

His parents are in the middle of the back and middle rows, James Annie (Ms. James) and Robert.

Her parents are in the front middle, Otho Mertilo and Martha.


One response to “My Family

  1. How cool is that? Your family was in Jamestown! Now we have even more reason to come visit and go to your ancestral lands (Jamestown, Williamsburg, Yorktown). You can claim them! Does that get you any Family discounts, cause it should?!?!?

    Love you guys! Happy Easter (almost!)!

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