Pinecone Race

Kourey shows off some of her pinecones

Kaitlyn the "Pinecone Princess"

A few days ago Kaitlyn and Kourey were “helping” Mommy and Daddy spread mulch in the flower boxes.

As you can imagine, this “help” consisted largely of nearly tromping every flower in the boxes.

So Mommy declared a “Pinecone Race”:  anyone who got at least 10 pinecones got a treat, and whoever collected the most pinecones before time was up was the winner.  Go!

Kourey collected nearly as many cones as Kaitlyn, but kept putting her haul in Kaitlyn’s pile.  When the yard was basically cleaned of pinecones, Mommy counted back from 10 and declared time up.

After scrupulous counting, Kaitlyn won with 37 pinecones in her pile to Kourey’s eight.  When Kaitlyn pushed to find out what she “won” as the winner, Mommy quickly replied, “Why, you’re the Pinecone Princess!  And we’ll take your picture and put it on the blog for Grandmama and Nana to see.”  Big success 🙂


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