Summer Dresses, Winter Wear

When Kourey gets something in her head, she is hard to dissuade.  And if whatever she “gets in her head” is yellow, you have almost no chance!

Take yesterday for example:  Kourey caught sight of a summer frock Grandmama had made her hanging in the closet, and would not rest until I put that dress on her.  Even suggestions of Minnie Mouse shirt or Penn State Pretzel (long story short, a pretzel T-shirt layered over a long-sleeved PSU shirt) couldn’t tickle her fancy after she had decided on a YELLOW dress.

Kaitlyn, not to be outdone, wanted her matching pink sundress.  With the thermometer reading just in the 40s some creative layering was necessary.  But they were very happy with the outcome (and Grandmama liked getting photos by email!).


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